We are in the business of helping people with thier pets!

How are we different from other pet sitters and dog walkers in Chino?

  • 20131105-195935.jpgWe are there for you when you need us! – We know that life happens, and some times you cannot take your pets with you. We never charge extra for last minute bookings – emergency trip or last minute Vegas trip. We are here for you. Check out our other services.
  • We do not charge by time! – Our visits last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and they include everything your pets need – short walks, long walks, feeding, fresh water, and medicine (even insulin shots) if needed. All of this for the same rate. What does that mean to YOU?
  • Employees not Independent Contractors – We pay our pet sitters competitive wages, and we train them to provide you with only the best service. Our pet sitters are also covered under our Liability and Bonding insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation Fund. According to the IRS we would not be able to do any of this if they were Independent Contractors.
  • Easy & Secure Online Registration System – You can schedule services anytime from our online registration system. You can even update, your pets information, emergency contacts, or us important notes. You can still call us, e-mails us, or text us, but our online registration is the best way to book because it is connected directly with our calendar. And you know your pets will be cared for.
  • Veterinary Recommended – Country Animal Clinic in Chino Hills – our pets have been going there for years – and we love Dr. Gene Metzker.
  • Veterinary Assistant Training – Uncle Manny is currently enrolled in a veterinary assistant program through Penn Foster.
  • Supporter & Volunteer at Local Shelter – Manny has volunteer at Priceless Pet Rescue in Chino Hills, CA, as part of the Pittie Crew. 
  • Excellent Pet Sitter Reviews & References – References are no good because every company will only give you the good ones. The best way to know if you can trust any company is to run a Google search. Go ahead! I encourage you to run a search on us. Also during our meet and greet, you will get copies of our bonding and insurance information, background check, and references.

We could be your pet sitter or dog walker if you:

  • Pet Sitter: Uncle MannyYour pets have more toys than you have fancy shoes or purses.
  • You buy only the very best food and treats for your pets.
  • From time to time, if not always, your pets are allowed to sleep in your bed.
  • You have pictures of your pets on Facebook and in your home and office.
  • Cooking special meals for your pets is not a big deal.
  • You think of your pets as your kids with fur.
  • Your home is the best place for your pets, and they deserve only the most loving and caring pet sitter!

If you agree with any 3 or more statements above, then you could become a member of Uncle Manny’s Pack! Call us today at (909) 475-PETS or (909) 475-7387 and tell us about your fur kids.

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